We are following agile methodology to turnaround your product idea into a real product.

Goal of PoC is to find out whether the idea is technically feasible or not. POC is a tool for validating a unique product.

By developing a PoC for an innovative idea

  • You will get better understanding about how the final product would looks and how will it operate and perform in real world.
  • Investors are keen to invest on the proven ideas than just idea. Having a PoC will have high chance to attract investment.
  • PoC are usually developed using offshelf components and development boards so usually PoC is an inexpansive way to study the market for the product.

We don’t advice customer to develop PoC if the concept is proven and already available in the market.

Some of PoC done by our Team


Goal of the prototype should demonstrate how the product will look in real world.

Benefits of developing prototype

  • You can validate the design.
  • You can use the prototype to get feedback from the target customers.
  • Reports are proven that innovative idea with tested prototype attracts more investors than ideas.

Some of our prototype are


We understand the definition of minimum and viable in the MVP is different for each product and company. We thoroughly understand the client expectation about the MVP before begin the development process. We develop MVP that solves the problem and not much more.

Usually MVP will be iterative process “Build, Measure, Learn and Repeat” Until refine the final product.

Here are the main benefits of an MVP:

  • Advantage of having MVP is we don’t need to spend millions of dollars to build something to find out whether the product will fit in the market or not.
  • By staying lean and making something that’s just good enough to test, you’re able to pivot when new information comes along.
  • MVP is a tool to attract your first user. MVP is not a final product, but you can originate it on the market and get your first profitable client.
  • Using MVP you can understand the real market potential for the product.

We provide High Quality PCB Design Services. We can help turn your requirements into products within your timeframe. Our team is experts in,

  • Schematic capture
  • Library Creation
  • Layout Design
  • Components Selection
  • BOM generation
  • Design Verification
  • Small Scale PCB production
  • Assembly
  • Testing

We are capable to develop firmware for consumer electronics, IoT and M2M devices, semiconductors, automobiles, medical equipment, industrial automation robotics and drones.

We closely associated with academic institutions (Universities & institutions) and We train students in Robotics, IoT, Drone and Image processing product design and development.

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